Most women demand for diamond always better, of course, the larger the carat indeed seem extravagant, but it is not suitable for everyday wear,those dozens carat owner is not the average person.So 50 divided played between two karats,it is ideal for everyday wear.If you want the luxury of some slightly,then between 3 kt to 5 kt is sufficient.

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In the selection of diamond ring, the most basic principle is “4c”.cut,color,clarity,carat weight,referred to 4c.
The so-called cut,although belonging to the human factor,but for dazzling diamond has a great impact.Good cutting process,not only can maximize the retention of the diamond component,it can also make the maximize internal light reflection to the diamond surface.
In the diamond selection,in addition to cut, the color and clarity are two other levels of impact diamond standard. Color grade is divided into D, E, F, G, H, I-J, K-L, M, N-O, P-R, S-Z. DEF (colorless) this level relatively rare, expensive; GHIJKL (nearly colorless) This level is relatively more, generally diamond IJ color; MN (pale yellow), this level is already capable of pale yellow eye visible, the price will be much lower. However, you need to know H color grade represents the most standard white, higher than H color grade will not appear yellowish tint.
Defects determine the value of diamond clarity grading 5, SI2 clarity diamonds are more than 10-times magnification to find flaws in the budget does not affect the clarity of diamonds worth slightly larger size diamonds are the most cost-effective s Choice.
carat weight

Actually, not the size of Yin Kela determine the value of diamonds, Rapaport international quotations table calculation, D color IF clarity grade 3 carat diamond with color grade H color grade SI2 Clarity 10-carat diamond prices are almost flat.
A variety of cutting process
In addition to traditional classic round brilliant cut, a variety of other cutting process also meet the diverse needs of the bride to the ring. Of course, these flowers for cutting styles carat diamond so required, usually 1 carat or more in order to meet the cutting process.
Mosaic decided Diamond Size
Bright ornate want to bring out the unique nature of diamonds, Mosaic mode is also quite important, because it determines whether a diamond ring from the visual look glamorous enough.
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